The system features a comprehensive
selection of elements and is easy to install.
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Satisfy your sophisticated sense of aesthetics and
complement the details of the rooms as you like.
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Omnipresent confidence.
Made for every room.

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Our new colour, ANTHRACITE, will satisfy your sophisticated sense of style and complement the details of spaces however you prefer. It is an easy way to upgrade your spaces into a modern and trendy apartment. Click here for details.

The selection and inventory of switches and sockets has never been so fun, simple and convenient. Now you can use the MODUL MANAGER configurator anywhere to create and list MODUL modular switches and sockets to suit your taste and needs. Click here for the Modul Manager

Easily and comfortably charge your devices using the TEM USB chargers. 1M USB chargers – various installation methods and combinations with elements. More about the EM66 and EM67 USB chargers.

The new generation of MODUL LED dimmers – adjust the brightness of your rooms according to your mood. More about the EM13 and EM14 dimmers.

Design switches

The Pure, Line and Soft design lines reflect a modern, sophisticated and independent lifestyle. You can choose from a wide and rich selection of colours, patterns and shapes to alter the appearance of your switches and sockets so that they fit the desired atmosphere and mood.

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Modern Design

Prepare for the elegant perfection of straight shapes. Try brilliant surfaces that gently play with modern elements of your room. We have incorporated “Soft Touch” technology especially for you, turning every touch into a unique experience.

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Feeling of nature

From the cleanliness and purity of a new-born world stems the story of the Pure line. The touch of natural motifs is intertwined with a sophisticated taste for lines and form and interwoven with threads of state-of-the-art technology.

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A warm home

Let the rounded shapes and soft transitions bring softness into your home. The carefully selected colors will find a place in modern and classic interiors.

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Classic switches LOGIQ

A shape for every room. The switches have universal lines that leave a mark in both modern work environments as well as in cosy, comfortable living spaces. The LOGIQ family offers a simple and logical solution for your every wish.

The LOGIQ family prides itself on its logical range of verified and elegant hues known and loved by our clients. Don’t compromise, the LOGIQ family has you covered. We can always create the hue of colour in accordance with your special request. Logically.

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Classic switches EKONOMIK

A neutral, compact, elegant design is adjustable to every working or living area. It does not stick out from the interior, but rather harmonically fits into it.

The EKONOMIK pure line is a gently curved and well thought-out ergonomic solution designed especially for you.
You can choose between glossy reflective surfaces and a modern metallic look.
The soft form is sure to have a pride of place in modern and classical interiors.

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MODUL solutions with IP55 protection for dusty and humid spaces
26. 7. 2022

The MODUL surface- and flush-mounted boxes with IP55 protection are fully sealed units that are suitable for humid and dusty spaces...

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