Modul EDGE

The new prestigious line MODUL EDGE offers a special sensory and visual experience like no other before. Are you bold enough?

Prestigious materials

Thanks to the impressive treatment, the aluminium shines with a new light – EDGE metal decorative cover plates. The three colours are worthy of your attention: silver, gold and anthracite.

The purity of the glass allows the light to playfully manifest in the new EDGE glass decorative cover plates. The two contrast colours satisfy even the most sophisticated taste.

Daring pin switches

“Pin” toggle switches in 4 different colours create an innovative and unique experience. The harmony of “pins” in four colour hues with metal or glass cover plates EDGE make for an uniquely refined design.

Minimalism or retro

EDGE beautifully complements modern minimalist design as well as the rich retro style. It will fulfill even the most demanding expectations of new building and renovation projects.

It is meant to be used with toggle switches/pins and at the same time it can be combined with all existing modular elements of the MODUL line.

Modular design


Freely combine the different pins with the available cover plates and create unique combinations that will fit perfectly with your vision of an aesthetic home.


The calm elegance of glass or daring metal? Both look exceptional, therefore there is no wrong choice.


The modular design allows you to switch out the cover plates so even if you completely change the design of your space, the switch will always perfectly fit with your chosen style

Be bold, switch to EDGE

Welcome to the world in which nostalgic charme melds with timeless sophistication of modern minimalism.