fontana_logo, switches and sockets with IP44 protection

The family of Fontana switches and sockets for surface mounting are equipped with IP44 protection, meaning they are ideal for dusty, wet, and humid spaces (workshops, basements, garages and agricultural buildings). Quality materials ensure safe use and a long service life, while also making Fontana shock resistant.

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Prolong your day with a touch.

Fontana is used for surface mounting. You can plan for both simple and more demanding installations, new constructions, and renovations. The system is unique because of its plug-in contacts, which save time when installing elements.

You can opt for Fontana switches and sockets in white or grey.

Horizontal and Vertical Sets

The Fontana family also comes as a set (two sockets or a switch and socket).

IP44 Protection

The Fontana is equipped with IP44 protection, making it ideal for dusty, wet, and humid spaces.


All switches have clear identifying markings on the back side.

Plug-in Contacts

Plug-in contacts allow for the fast and reliable attachment of wires. Two wires of different diameters can be connected to the same contact.

Quality Switching

The switches were tested according to international standards, ensuring safety and a long service life.  Contacts made of silver alloy (AgNi) guarantee safe switching.


A well thought-out switch construction also enables subsequent simple illumination.

Feeling well in a safe shelter

Through careful planning, we have made sure elements under voltage are touch safe.

Installation is fast and easy. You can opt for a screw-based or plug-in system of attaching wires.

FONTANA Products

Family of replacement switches and sockets. The system is equipped with plug-in contacts and IP44 protection.

Fontana is characterized by simple installation, an all-round useful and ergonomic design, and IP44 surface mounting.

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