MODUL switches and sockets by TEM

On | Off and everything in between.

The details represent the completeness of the entire architectural interior design. The aesthetic MODUL switches and sockets catch our attention and bring freshness to any room, balance the living climate and act as wall decor.

Modern modular MODUL switches and sockets

TEM developed the modular system of MODUL switches and sockets for various tastes, desires and needs. They consist of 3 visual lines: Line, Soft and Pure, which reflect a modern, sophisticated and individual lifestyle.

The unique aspect of this modular system is the universal mounting frame for all 3 lines: Line, Soft and Pure

The mounting frame ensures the easy instalment or subsequent replacement of all decorative cover plates, switches, sockets and other functional elements.

We can choose our switches and sockets from a wide and rich palette of colours, patterns and forms and simply adjust them to the desired mood and individual ambience.

Line – harmony of straight lines

Straight, smooth lines make for a timeless design. Its perfectly straight, sleek profile and soft-touch ergonomics give it an amazingly elegant appearance from all angles.

Soft – softness and warmth

A round design and soft transitions bring softness to every home. Perfectly soft shapes rounded off by a subtle selection of colours and special coatings for a special touch.

Pure – the feeling of nature

The Pure line is distinguished by its natural materials: metal, wood and glass. Its unique design gives it a special touch. It is striking yet unobtrusive. It radiates sensuality, sophistication, high standards and pureness. The Pure decorative cover plates can additionally enrich and enliven rooms.

Modul Manager Configurator for switches and sockets

The Modul Manager configurator is a mobile application with which we can choose and decorate our Line, Soft and Pure line switches, sockets, functional elements and cover plates.

In the end, we receive the specifications of the entry with an informative value and we can easily visualise the final combinations of the chosen lines of the Modul switches and sockets.

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