BIOPASS – keyless unlocking

You will never again have to look for your keys in your pockets or bag.

You will never lose it. It will go everywhere with you. Unlock your doors with your finger. Safely, comfortably, quickly, and easily

BIOPASS is the new generation of switch for keyless unlocking. It combines advanced fingerprint recognition technology with an even quicker front door opening.

Very simple to use – you always have your fingerprint with you.

Simply put your finger on the Biopass switch and the doors to your home or office will open. It is so easy to use and incredibly secure.

Easy management via a mobile app

You can manage Biopass via a mobile app that allows you to:

  • manage administrators, users, and fingerprints,
  • add schedule or limit access to individual users,
  • view history of entries per user,
  • manage the switch via multiple mobile devices,
  • store up to 500 fingerprints.

Combine Biopass switches with different decorative MODUL cover plates

Biopass is fully compatible with the MODUL modular system, which means that you can simply install it into flush mounted boxes. You can also choose between 3 different design lines of decorative cover plates – Line, Soft, and Pure.