BIOPASS – safe and simple keyless unlocking

Biopass is the new generation of switches for keyless unlocking.

It combines advanced fingerprint recognition technology with quick door opening. Simply put your finger on the Biopass switch and the doors to your home or office will open. 

Guaranteed high level of security

The level of protection is as high as the one offered by your online bank. The control unit that regulates door unlocking is safely stored in the flush-mounted box or electrical cabinet inside the building, which prevents any outside access. The communication between the fingerprint switch and the internal relay unit is protected with 256-bit encryption.

Access control for different purposes and spaces

Biopass is intended for both home and business users, as it can be used for unlocking business premises or warehouses, or to limit access to special areas or departments – bank vaults, archives, garages, server cabinets, etc.

Easy management via a mobile app

You can manage Biopass via a mobile app that allows you to:

  • manage administrators, users, and fingerprints,
  • add schedule or limit access to individual users,
  • view history of entries per user,
  • manage the switch via multiple mobile devices,
  • store up to 500 fingerprints.

Combine Biopass with different MODUL decorative cover plates

Biopass is fully compatible with the MODUL modular system, which means that you can simply install it into flush mounted boxes.The Biopass set includes a metal mounting frame and a decorative Soft 2M cover plate. You can subsequently also choose any of the other Line, Soft, and Pure decorative cover plates.

Integrated LED lamp

Light signals communicate the Biopass status via the built-in LED lamp.

You can read more about its settings, and operation of the application here.