3D lamp for marking living and working spaces

The rapid pace of life means that you are constantly bombarded with a plethora of information.

That is why we developed a dual colour lamp with a EM52RG 3D symbol, a simple and elegant solution for marking, displaying directions, and communicating various information in living, working, and public spaces. We can customize the graphic on the lamp according to your wishes.
The 3D lamp is part of the Modul modular system, which ensures that its installation is very simple and that you can easily integrate it with other functional elements (e.g. IR switch).

Practical examples of 3D lamp use:

Solution for marking hotel rooms

Solution for communicating toilet occupancy, in combination with the EM31 IR switch

Technical specifications of the EM52RG 3D lamp:


  • LED dual colour lamp (red/green) with 3D symbol for signalling and marking,
  • supply voltage 230V~ 50Hz 2×0.4 W, 6500°K,
  • class II,
  • in accordance with EN 60598-1,
  • option to customise the graphic on request,
  • 90 male symbols, 91 female symbols, 99 symbols on request.