Portable 2M LED emergency lamp – the ideal solution in case of power outage

We are introducing a new convenient 2M LED emergency lamp, which turns on automatically in the event of a power outage and greatly eases your orientation in the space.

It can also serve as a torch, as it can be easily removed from the mounting frame and used to walk around the premises. The EM57 emergency lamp works autonomously for 2 hours. You can recharge the lamp by inserting it back into the mounting frame.

The lamp can also be turned on or off manually, so you can use it anytime, and not only when the power is out.

The 2M LED emergency lamp is a part of the Modul modular system and can be easily integrated with all other modular elements and Line, Soft, and Pure decorative plates.

The technical instructions for wiring and using the new LED emergency lamp are available here.