Easily and comfortably charge your devices with the powerful MODUL USB chargers

In today’s deluge of mobile phones, smartwatches, tablets, action cameras, navigation and other electronic devices, charging them has become a completely routine everyday task.

We quickly accumulate a range of adaptors, connectors, and cables, and that is why TEM is offering you a simple solution – the powerful EM67 and EM68 USB chargers. They are designed as 1 modular element and are installed in the same way as a regular Modul electric socket.

EM67 and EM68 USB chargers, mounted on your work desks, in offices, or as an independent “socket” in your home or public spaces, provide greater comfort and reliability when charging your electronic devices. 

Despite their miniature form, the USB chargers are extremely powerful; therefore, you can easily and quickly charge all your devices via the double USB-A port (EM67) or the combined USB-A and newer USB-C port (EM68). 

Both EM67 and EM68 chargers come with two charging ports (2.4 and 3.0 A power output). This allows you to charge two devices simultaneously. The rated power output is only maintained if 1 device is being charged, while the power is split when 2 devices are charged.

1M size USB chargers – various installation methods and combinations with other elements

The USB chargers are available in the 1 module size; therefore, they can be easily integrated with modular switches, sockets, and other MODUL function elements. This allows you to combine more functionalities in one spot, and create a unique combination, tailored to your wishes and needs.
The technical instructions for wiring and using the USB chargers are available here.

A wide range of colours

The USB chargers are available in five colours, ensuring that the aesthetics and flexibility of the Modul USB chargers will fit your tastes, wishes and the particular interior.

You can choose USB chargers in your favourite colour:

  • white,
  • beige,
  • silver,
  • black,
  • and anthracite.

The USB chargers can be easily integrated into the ambiance of your business, public or private spaces; and with a choice of Pure, Soft, or Line decorative frames, you can achieve a modern look and enrich your living or working spaces in a sophisticated way.

You can find out more about our offer of MODUL modular switches and sockets at www.tem-si.com